Revenue Collection

Collecting revenue from tenants on behalf of landlords and property managers. This service offers the overall utility management package, covering several criteria’s e.g. billing, credit control, local supply authority auditing and customer service

Automated Metering

Infrastructure Installation, management and maintenance of automated metering infrastructure

Meter verification

Verification and allocation of existing meters

Credit Control

Reconciliation of accounts and facilitating statement and invoice delivery to creditors

Infrared audits

Infrared audits performed on existing infrastructure

Energy Management and Audits

Conducting of tests and providing feedback on better energy management. Energy efficiency and saving audits

Fee based

A billing schedule exported in the preferred format for easy importing by the landlord’s or building manager’s management system

Utility Management

Electricity Utility Management

Carbon footprint reduction

Consultation on how to best manage your carbon footprint

Regular technical audits

Technical audits done on regular intervals

Realtime Consumption Management

The ability to monitor consumption in real time, to analyze trends and make accurate predictions, allows for the implementation of cost-optimization processes and adaptive subscription plans

Electricity back-up

Design and implementation of back-up electricity supply